About Us & History

Antepli Baklava is a product born from the story of three siblings' courage, imagination, and family ties. Despite pursuing different paths, the three siblings - Necip Alkurt, Mehmet Alkurt, and Mustafa Alkurt - share a common dream. While the eldest brother, Necip Alkurt, engages in foreign trade to contribute to the family, the middle brother, Mehmet Alkurt, worked as a teacher in Turkey. The youngest, Mustafa Alkurt, graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mehmet Alkurt, who had dreamed of going to the United States since childhood, made the bold decision to leave his teaching career and move to the USA, where he started working for a Turkish company. Mehmet Alkurt, who was known for selling Gaziantep's famous pistachios, was repeatedly asked by his friends to make baklava - a request inspired by the world-renowned reputation of Gaziantep's baklava.

Fueled by the insistence of his friends and the fame of Gaziantep's baklava, Mehmet Alkurt began to question why he wasn't producing baklava in the USA. This thought led him to consider joining forces with his Mechanical Engineering graduate younger brother, Mustafa Alkurt, and he approached his older brother, Necip Alkurt, to share his aspiration of producing high-quality baklava.

The brothers united to establish the brand "Antepli Baklava". The journey that started that day has transformed into a reality, and Antepli Baklava has become one of the few companies known for quality baklava in Turkey, shipping wholesale products to 250 different points across the USA.

Combining Necip Alkurt's experience in foreign trade, Mehmet Alkurt's American experience, and Mustafa Alkurt's engineering skills, Antepli Baklava stands as a testament to a family dream realized, now a brand filled with flavor and heritage.

Antepli Baklava