Privacy & Security

Our system has been secured during the communication phase for credit card transactions.

Site-Visitor Communication Security

The communication between our website and visitors on our order pages takes place using 128/256-bit SSL encryption. This communication standard is a secure feature used even on heavily trafficked websites. To determine whether this communication method is present on the page where credit card information is to be provided, note that the address bar should display the expression https://.. instead of http://.. when accessing the page. When accessing pages with this feature, a padlock icon is also displayed in the lower-right corner of your browser.

Site-Bank Communication Security

The security related to the transfer of credit card information from the website to the bank is carried out with the maximum security offered by the bank. In addition to numerous security components, the CVV2/CVC2 code is also used on our site as a measure against fraudulent use of stolen cards or card information.

On-Site Data Security

In secure transactions you perform, no person, institution, or organization other than the bank that has assigned the credit card to you can access your information. The credit card transaction page directly transmits card information to the bank's POS system and informs the customer of the transaction result. Credit card information is not transmitted via email or similar methods. Even we cannot access credit card information that is transmitted as a result of an online transaction.

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