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We can send 1st class Gaziantep Baklava to any country you want via ANTEPLIBAKLAVA.COM.TR. With 10 years of international transfer and export experience, we send the products on our website to your door.


1. ANTEPLIBAKLAVA.COM.TR, for now, thanks to its dual language support (Turkish-English), it automatically selects the language according to the language of the device you are accessing or your region and facilitates your order steps.
2. ANTEPLIBAKLAVA.COM.TR, which offers guest shopping without membership and the opportunity to log in via Social Platforms, allows you to create any number of baskets from the product you want and quickly complete your order steps.
3. It transmits the desi information of the products in your basket to the contracted cargo company's account mechanism, calculates according to the decree and system currency, and reflects the net correct shipping amount at the payment step, so you will not face any surprise prices and you will not face any suprise results for your products. 4. After completing the payment step (with your Credit Card or Debit Card), your products enter the preparation process (orders placed before 12:00 noon are prepared on the same day and delivered to the cargo company for shipping) and are packaged and delivered to the cargo company after the preparation process is over. .
5. Your orders will reach you within 1-5 days maximum. The process here is completed quickly or within the maximum time specified, depending on the density of the cargo company.
6. After your orders are delivered, the only thing you need to do is to warm it up slightly and eat it with pleasure.


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